Sleep Fun Facts—Before Color TV Most People Dreamed In Black And White

Sleep Fun Facts—Before Color TV Most People Dreamed In Black And White

It’s not something most of us think twice about unless we’re struggling to get some shuteye, but here are a few sleep fun facts that might interest you!

1. Most People Used To Dream In Black And White

Few things are filmed in black and white anymore, but did you know that most adults used to dream in black and white? Statistics show that before color television, only 15 percent of people dreamed in color. After color television was invented, this number jumped to 75 percent of people dreaming in color!

This begs the question, did people dream in color before TV was invented?

2. We’re The Only Mammals Who Intentionally Delay Sleep

If they are feeling vulnerable or threatened, wild animals and house pets may not be able to sleep. This is because they are stressed and anxious and their fight or flight response has kicked in. The same is true for us humans, with one defining difference—we intentionally delay sleep.

We allow our mile-long to-do list, binge-watching, gaming, chatting with a friend, or socializing to keep us up even when we’re exhausted.

3. The Moon Impacts Our Sleep Cycles

Pay attention the next time you naturally stay up late or wake up early. It’s unclear why, but research from the University of Washington shows that in the days leading up to a full moon that we go to bed later and sleep less overall. You are likely to go to bed 30 minutes later and sleep 1 hour less per night.

So, the next time you feel wide awake when you should be sleeping, check to see if it’s 3 to 5 days before a full moon.

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And check back for more sleep fun facts soon!

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